Sunday, March 23, 2014

Go West Young Lady (and Man)

Today my parents are chasing the sun.  Last week my father went to New Mexico to meet the movers, and my mother stayed behind to oversee a few house projects in Texas, which included installing a new sprinkler system.  My mother will no longer be able to work a hose around her yard in the earlier morning hours of the hot Texas summers- she'll be west!

On Friday my father flew back to Texas, and today my father's sequoia is loaded down with Blue (chocolate Labrador retriever) and Annie (Jack Russell Terrier), and my mother is following in her two-seater Infiniti.  While I'm quite certain my mother is physically following my father on their westward adventure, I'm less certain my mother is mentally following my father on their westward adventure.  They haven't sold their Texas house, and my mother has already booked hair appointments every five weeks- she'll be back.  My mother has also had many weepy moments these past two weeks.  I know it's hard to put miles between you and your loved ones, but at least we're living in 2014!  We can talk, text, sametime, and email every day!

I have no doubt once my mother gets settled she'll enjoy this adventure in their life.  Like so many couples before them, my parents have gone west - it's an adventure!  When you're 58 and 60 years old you need to seize the adventures in life, because it keeps you acting (feeling?) young.

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