Thursday, March 13, 2014

Uncle Pat Pat

I mentioned previously that this past weekend from Friday night until Monday morning we kept our nieces.  Being an uncle is one of my favorite things.  However, I learned something about myself this weekend that surprised me...I'm strict!

I managed the intelligent little nieces like I manage client meetings: I set an agenda and then I stick to the agenda; if anyone strays from the agenda, then I bring them back into focus.

Did you know that an almost 4 year old and a 6 year old are not task oriented?  At one point Paxten was having her afternoon meltdown, and I told her to get it together because we need to get going.   My husband looked at me and said: "She's 3."

Hmm.  (That was my husband's way of signaling me to calm the F down.)  He was right.  Paxten is only 3 years old, and she is entitled to afternoon meltdowns when her Uncle Pat Pat is pushing her too hard.

Lucky for my nieces they get two uncles in this life, and their Uncle Pat Pat will never be without his husband to help remind him to calm the F down!


  1. Long ago, I decided that your inner soul was about as an old soul as I have ever known. Now, I've decided Dad is an old soul too.
    One of the many cool things about this blog is seeing that old soul's perspective, but in this particular post, it's cool to see how much a team you & hubby are, and that even you need to chill your old soul down sometimes. Love everywhere!

  2. The preceeding comment was written by your mother (who adores you).