Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another Life

For years I passionately collected vintage metal chairs.  I would willingly "stop the car!" if I saw an opportunity to purchase a vintage metal chair- antique store, estate sale, flea market.  I never liked to re-paint the chairs.  I just liked to enjoy their aged beauty.  The vintage metal chairs that bounced are the best, but each one has appeal; I always wonder what they looked like when they were first purchased.  I also always wonder (and liked to guess) what kind of person purchased them initially?

Yes, at one time I passionately collected vintage metal chairs, and I was excited when I finally, achieved my goal of getting 8 vintage metal chairs! Our dinning room table holds 8 seats, and I envisioned drinks on the patio and then dinner in the house- a seat for all!

But time changes, and my vintage metal chairs no longer seemed at place in our more polished house.  They seemed disorderly and junky.  I couldn't make them work.  I replaced all 8 chairs with new uniformed bouncy chairs.  But I couldn't part with my vintage beauties.  I hid them around the house in the bushes and in the attic.  

As we prepare to move down the street to a larger home with a smaller yard (less attic space and bushes to hid things) I realized I had to re-home my 8 chairs.  While my husband was away at Philly, I gathered up all chairs, loaded them in my husband's father's farm truck and drove them to my parent's house.  This summer I plan to take them to the Reunion camp in an attempt to give them another life.
It's always good to begin again.

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