Sunday, March 16, 2014

Heat Dish

It's the middle of March in Texas, and Dooley's favorite spot is right next to the heat dish, still.  I think Texas' 2014 winter is one of my favorites.  It has been cold, often, and it has remained interestingly unpredictable.  It'll be cool and sunny one day (I move my desert roses outside) and it'll be cold and cloudy a few days later (I move my desert roses inside); and I've shuffled the desert roses inside and out based on the crazy winter weather all winter'll be cold and rainy, cool and sunny, cold and icy, cold, warm, cold, cool, cold, cold, cold...

For us, 2014 might be the year of nonstop chaos.   We're selling our house.  Buying another house.  Remolding (nothing too grand) the new house.  My father's job has my parents posting up in New Mexico for the next few years.  My husband is graduating with his MBA in May.  We're going to Europe in May.  My never-ending client engagement is ending in April....and the weather is only adding to the comfort of the consistent chaos in our lives.

These are the days we will remember!


  1. I agree, 100%!
    So fun to sleep under the blankets in March.

  2. Dooley rests in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in all of DFW. (Westlake was first.) But I think yours is the prettiest and most pleasant!

  3. PS - Annie does that too, but her owners put a towel for her to lay on to further warm her. . .