Sunday, March 30, 2014

Estate Sale on Westlake Ave

Almost a year ago I posted about a one-story 1959 time capsule house that hit MLS in our neighborhood.  Here.  On Saturday, I stumbled onto the estate sale at that very house.  I really enjoyed making laps through the 6,000 square foot house, and I made a few purchases...

One of the lovely ladies working the estate sale reminded me of my late grandmother, and I really wanted to ask her for a hug...but I thought that would be weird.  So I made this emotional purchase to fill the gap.  I picked this up because my grandmother had one.  I can remember my grandmother using it every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning as a colander to double clean her shucked oysters.  It always reminded me of a rocket.  I don't know what it's called or what's the real purpose, do you?

I also picked up this fancy casserole dish.  It turns a pyrex dish into a silver lined platter. So classy.
I also picked up this parrot.  I thought he was fun.  My husband thinks it's ridiculous.  Sometimes my husband is wrong.


  1. I have that casserole dish with the silver platter - almost identical - except the platter isn't real silver like that one. (I think it was a wedding present' so it's value is in how old it is!) and I LOVE the parrot - too bad it's not a blue macaw (?). Still very cool.

  2. When I published my comment it told me my comment should not be empty even though it was. Try again . . I have that silver platter - almost identical except it is not real silver like that one is. I think it was a wedding present so it's value should be how old it is. :). I LOVE the parrot, but I wish it had a matching blue macaw (?) to go with it. Keep looking and keep up your habit of having everything in twos.