Sunday, April 21, 2013

6832 Westlake Avenue

We were exploring more of our neighborhood on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  We stopped in a few open houses and one estate sale.  (You know how estate sales affect me.) During our exploration I noticed an almost 6,000 square foot one-story 1959 house on an inconceivable 1.4 acres in the heart of Lakewood was for sale.  When I got home I pulled up the listing, and I'm glad I did!  Look at these photos.  It's like time hadn't touched this house.  I wish I had an extra $2.5M and I would buy it with all its furniture and curtains and have fabulous themed parties all summer long!  How fabulous is this house?  According to the listing it's the first time this beauty has been on the open market.  These people must have been high styled individuals in 1969.  They built a house ready for a crowd.

What if my husband and I had enough cash to build our dream house, would we live in it for the rest of our lives?  Also, aren't you curious why the family never felt the social pressure to update the house?  I love it.  I hope someone special buys it...and invites me over for parties!

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