Friday, April 12, 2013

Missing Dixie

The Dixie Chicks are one of my all-time favorite musicians.  One of my most prized wedding gifts is a personalized autograph Dixie Chicks poster.  It was a gift from our wedding photographer Kim Maguire.  As a super fan it's a challenge when your favorite group takes a long break.  You have to read this Texas Monthly article: Chicks in the Wilderness.

I'm hopeful the Chicks will make more music.  If you have a talent (they have enormous talent) and do not use your talent, then it's like the talent doesn't exist at all.  Natalie, Martie, Emily: if you don't make music again, then you're just like me (your tone deaf super fan)!  It's a lesson for all of us: you have to use your talents!  Don't stop the music.

I will continue to listen to my Dixie Chicks playlist while I'm waiting for new music and hoping the Chicks are alright.

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