Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lazy Sunday

This was the first Saturday in a few months where I did not go into the office.  I did not work.  I was exhausted.  I slept for years this weekend.  Nothing was wrong with me.  I was just tired.  This morning when I finally did wake up I started frying bacon and sipping black coffee.  Frying bacon always reminds me of childhood weekends at my grandparents' cabin.  The only time I saw my grandfather in the kitchen was at the cabin when he was frying bacon and making breakfast gravy.  Frying bacon and sipping my coffee is a great way to start a morning.

After my body was full of food and coffee, my husband and I took Trigger on a walk.  I did yard work.  He studied.  I took a bubble bath.  He studied.  We went to yoga.  I did laundry.  He studied. We ate dinner.

It was a plain old ordinary lazy Sunday in our house.  Those are the best kinds of Sundays.

Proof!  Gay people are just like you.

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