Friday, April 19, 2013

Families and Flowers

This morning I've been sitting in front of my television engrossed in the updates from the Boston Marathon bombing situation.  One suspect is dead.  One on the run.  Boston is locked down.  "Shelter in place."  It makes me sad that two brothers would do such horrible things.  Why?

I also just learned that at least 15 people are dead from the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.  The day of the explosion happened started off as a normal day, but it ended up being the day of this terrible accident...and at least 15 people are dead.  This is a terrible reminder that death can happen at any moment.

To get me focused on something happy I've posted these two photos.  First is NPH & David Burtka with their children.  How cute is this photo?  The second photo is an iris that grows in my husband's mother's garden.  How beautiful is this iris?

I guess the only thing we have is this moment.  We should enjoy our families (and pictures of beautiful celebrity families) and the flowers that bloom in our gardens (or our husband's mother's garden).

Happy Friday.  It's a glorious (gay) day.

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