Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Future

Burrrr.  A rainy cold snap hit Dallas yesterday.  When I got home from work the house was chilly, and I could not figure out how to switch the thermostat from AC to Heat.  I called my husband who's in Manhattan on business.  He adjusted our Dallas, Texas thermostat remotely from NYC.  I still do not know how to adjust the thermostat, but the house warmed up within minutes, and as long as my husband is a phone call away he can handle it.

Just to recap my life: we have the ability to control the house thermostat anywhere in the world from an iPad, but we don't have the ability to marry the person we love.  

Why is my thermostat in my house more sophisticated than our society?  I need society to catch up.


  1. Hoping that thermostat gets turned up soon!'s way past time!

  2. hopefully we'll get to turn that thermostat to Marry's way overdue!