Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Are Just Like You

To my newest readers I wanted to you to know:

My intention for this blog is to prove that two gay guys are equal to not less than straight people.  We're  two people that love each other building a life together.  It's unfortunate that in 2013 in Texas in the U.S.A. our love is not considered legitimate.  I use this platform to expose slices of our life- our normal gay life.  If you only know gayness through gay stereotypes: the disco boy, the wealthy power couples, the snarky gay best friend, then you see gayness as some alien life.  I'm shining a light on our path: we live in Texas, we work hard for our paychecks, we love our family and friends, we want a family of our own, etc.

Yes, our life would be easier if we moved to the west coast or east coast.  (I love taking vacations around gay friendly spots, because I can hold my husbands hand without unwanted attention.)  We're Texans, dammit.  This is our home too.  Our family lives here.  We're not going to leave.  We're going to stay put and hope Texas our lifetime!

I will continue to write this blog until I can legally marry my husband in my state.


  1. I don't know what your "new readers" wrote you, but I can imagine. We "old readers" love your blog and look forward to every posting.
    I can make several predictions with 99% accuracy, no 100% ---- They are not as compassionate, smart, interesting, complicated, fun, kind, loving, honest, responsible, dear, giving, talented, witty, valued by those who know you (one of the points of your blog), and on & on,.... as you are. They aren't even close. I am guessing they are close-minded, ignorant, nosy, religious zealots. I would love to take them on in your behalf. I wish you didn't have to spend one moment of your time, dealing with people like them. Oh well. I suppose I should pity them.... but I don't.

  2. PS - If someone doesn't want to read your blog, um.... they can stop typing in the name of it on their computers. Dumbass!