Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Girls" Weekend in Dallas

I have four college friends named Missy, Anne, Elisa, and Julia.  They are my bitches. Missy lives in Midland, Texas.  Anne lives in San Antonio, Texas.  Elisa lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Julia lives in Sidney, Australia.  I received a text from Australia saying that Julia wanted to have a "girls" weekend in Dallas.  For better or worse they count me as one of the girls!  They have a sisterhood that has lasted beyond college, husbands, heartbreaks, and the joy of motherhood.  They are the greatest of friends, and somehow for years I have fit into the mix.   I am not part of the sisterhood, but I am part of the group.  It was a fast weekend.  We were in a loop that included lots of food, beer, wine, coffee, micheladas, and bloody marys....food, beer, wine, coffee, micheladas, and bloody marys...

It was a girls weekend, but I am not a girl.  I did not have a sister.  I am not married to a lady. It's weekends like this when I realize I am not used to girls.  I spent a lot of my weekend waiting on girls to get ready. They would proclaim they were ready to leave, but then it would be another 15 more minutes before anyone was actually walking out the door.  I think this is normal?  It's normal for men to wait on women?  Why?  I don't understand?

It was a silly weekend.  We walked around the lake.  Hung out at bars, restaurants, and our home.  We did headstands until midnight one night.  Missy and Julia taught me how to do a handstand. My husband ignored us so he could study, but he'd jump in for dinners and ignore us again...and then complain about late night rowdiness the next morning!

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