Friday, January 25, 2013

I have needs.

I panicked last week when I realized Design Within Reach was no longer stocking Bitossi Ceramics in Rimini Blu.  I grabbed my credit card and quickly purchased two planters.  I love this stuff.  I have two vases from my parents and one bowl that was originally on deck to give to my mother, but I gifted it to myself instead.  Oopsie.

Frequently my husband encourages me to stop buying stuff.  "Do you NEED it?" is the question he likes to ask me.  The word "need" is always overly emphasized when he asks me too.  "Where is this item located on the budget?" is another question he likes to ask.  "Stop buying stuff!" is his favorite line.

The two planters, that I needed, arrived broken.  Design Within Reach apologized, and fully refunded the amount on our credit card.  Since they were sold out and no longer carrying the Bitossi Ceramics in Rimini Blu this was the only option.

My husband couldn't be happier.  He thinks god might be on his side.  I think god is cruel.

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  1. Did you have to send it back? I know you are a duck tape man, but what about super-glue? :)
    That picture is really heartbreaking!!!!!