Sunday, January 20, 2013

Confused Raccoon

My husband and I were walking Trigger around 4:00 PM this afternoon in our east Dallas neighborhood when we happened upon a very confused adult raccoon shuffling through the street.  We stopped and watched as he approached a recently parked car.  The raccoon was attracted to motion; the raccoon would walk towards any movement. The raccoon saw us and started shuffling our way.  Instinctively we knew something was off with this confused raccoon.  How do you help a wild animal?    Was this raccoon a stroke victim?  Was he poisoned or was he rabid? We listened to our gut.  We turned around and left the raccoon alone.  The neighbors were going to call animal control.

It reminded me of the moment in To Kill A Mockingbird when the rabid dog is in the street.  I wish Atticus Finch lived in our neighborhood.  He'd know what to do...


  1. That's exactly what I thought of when I read your first paragraph. That scene in To Kill a MOckingbird plays in my head like a movie reel.... one of the best novels ever! Atticus and Gus - my 2 fictional heroes!

  2. PPS - The men in my immediate family (husband, sons, dad, brother) are my nonfictional heroes.