Friday, January 4, 2013

Brass Sisters

In November I listened to NPR's interview with the Brass Sisters, and I was captivated by their memories of their Aunt Ida's poppy seed cookies.  I printed the recipe and saved it.  Recently I baked the cookies with much hope, but I was disappointed with the final product.  The cookies are plain Jane boring.  They need butter instead of peanut oil or icing (maybe lemon icing) or more vanilla or all of the above.  The ladies spoke about the cookies with such fondness, but looking back I think they were confusing memories of their beloved Aunt Ida with these cookies.  (Food memories are powerful.)  The cookies didn't live up to the hype.

I went down to the lake and fed these cookies to a flock of migrating mallards, and they seemed to enjoy them!


  1. "for the birds" literally! I also like to feed unloved or unused bread type items to the birds. In our backyard. It makes the dogs crazy.

  2. That is a pretty blue bowl. Fiesta?
    Off the subject - why is google trying to force me to change my email communicomm email address? I don't want to change it. And now I can only comment as unknown google. Weird. Must be something I don't know. Well, that would be unusual. :)