Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unsolicited Offer

An unfamiliar couple placed a letter in our mailbox asking us to please call them first if we were thinking about selling our house.  Currently we have no plans to sell our house, but it is nice to be desired, right?  Our neighborhood is booming.  I think people are tired of suburbia, and our Dallas neighborhood with an award winning elementary school is a hot alternative.  Our 2,800 square foot three bedroom 2.5 bathroom 1980 single story house was the middle price point of our neighborhood when we purchased it in 2008.  However, the lowest price point houses (built in the1940's and 1950's) in our neighborhood are vanishing.  They are being purchased, torn down, and then replaced with 4,500 square foot houses. I predict in ten years our house will be the lowest price point in the neighborhood.  The evolution of this neighborhood is interesting.

I like change.  Change is what will one day bring us equality in this nation.  As these old houses are being demolished and replaced with new and improved houses, old ideas are being demolished and replaced  with new and improved ideas.  (Homos are equal to heteros!) Change is what keeps a society relevant.  I like change!  And you like change too!  If you didn't like change, then you'd be Amish.  If you're Amish, then you cannot read this blog.  Since you're reading this blog, then you like change too!

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