Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Mess

My client is having a difficult time finding professional accounting clerks.  (The economy has recovered.)  I had a brilliant idea.  The young lady that works the night shift at the hotel I stay in three nights a week seems to be professional, and my client is paying more than the $10 an hour she earns. (Yes, I asked how much she was making.)  I asked her to get me her resume because I wanted her to apply for the position.  A week later she sent me her resume.  I sent it to our Controller.  My client found another solution for the open position, and they are in a holding pattern. This week when I checked into the hotel the manager told me that the young lady has put in her two week notice, because she's coming to work for me.  WHAT?!

I had to have an awkward conversation the next night to explain that asking her to send me her resume was not a job offer. 

So much for my brilliant idea.

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