Monday, January 21, 2013

Presley is Five

And just like that, woosh, five years has come and gone since the birth of the little lady that magically turned us into uncles.  It has been a very speedy five years.  This weekend my husband studied at home while I attended Presley's "Princess and the Popstar" themed 5th birthday party at the Urban Air indoor trampoline park.  It was wonderful to see Presley and her sister Paxten bounce around with their friends.  Presley had over 20 friends attend her party.  (Do I have 20 friends?!)

And for her birthday we're taking Presley to pick out an American Girl doll.  Perhaps we will go this weekend?

(Presley turned us into uncles and perhaps one day we can turn her and her sister into cousins!)

1 comment:

  1. Here! Here! To that!
    ANd maybe I can go with you all to American Doll. It interest me. Wonder if they have the a doll that I couldn't turn away from? She'd have to have a Lab.....