Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kiss of the Spider Woman

My husband landed at DFW last night and took a car directly to the theater so together we could watch The Uptown Players' version of Kiss of the Spider Woman.  I am shocked to learn that the original run of this musical won the 1993 Tony.

Did I miss something?

What's the point of this show?

I've boiled the show down to this paragraph:

A homosexual (Molina) falls in love with a hunky heterosexual (Valentin) while they share a prison cell.  Raise your hand if you didn't see that one coming?  After the hetero learns that the homo is getting released soon, the hetero seduces the homo to ensure the homo will help him on the outside.  It's really unclear if the hetero had any true feelings at all for the homo.  In the end the homo dies because he will not betray the hetero.  And there's lot of repetitive Spider Woman singing and dancing bits in between.

I don't enjoy shows when homosexual men are portrayed as weak, delicate, fragile, screaming things. It's a very one-dimensional portrayal of gayness.    It dog piles the insult when in the end the homosexual man dies because of his false loyalty to a heterosexual...who may not have ever really even liked the homosexual.  It was unclear.  Maybe he did?  Maybe he didn't?

It's pathetic.  It's sad. This musical is unnecessary.  How did it ever win a Tony?

I'm so mad at this show right now.

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