Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This fall I will have known my husband for ten years.  With over a decade of togetherness, I thought I knew all his many talents, which is why I was surprised to learn for the first time this weekend that he can braid hair.

On Sunday morning my husband was helping Presley get dressed and the next thing I notice Presley walks into the main room with perfectly braided hair.

"Who did that?" I asked.  At the point I asked the question I thought the most logical choice would have been Presley, the five year old.  However,  Presley said it was my husband.  I was so impressed.  I informed my husband that I had no idea that he could braid hair, and he informed me that I had never provided him any hair to braid.


The good news is that this means if we do have daughters, then we won't have to give them buzz cuts.

My husband can braid.

Who knew?

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  1. I can't braid hair. It seems so hard to me. As you know, Presley showed us that she could braid her hair because her mommy taught her. I was amazed! Your husband probably looked at a braid a single time and then applied some engineering or quadratic formula to it and easily did it.