Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fifty Dollars in Nuts

Our friend Del is in Dallas on business, and when he's in Dallas he's required to stay with us.  It's an official BFF rule.  He stays with us at least one week every quarter,  and we refer to one bedroom in our house as "Del's room," which is fun.

Del entertains us with his commentary on our life.  We do little bits.  One time he went around the house and collected all my scissors, and then asked why any one person needed to own twelve pairs of scissors?  This trip he pulled the roasted pecans and roasted macadamia nuts from the pantry and started to add up the prices on the bag.

"Do you realize you have $50 worth of nuts in your house?" Del asked.

I had to verify his math.  He was correct.  Del continued...

"Now, you do realize that's the weekly grocery budget for some poor family of four?"  He went on to act out a family going to the supermarket and stretching $50 for weekly groceries, and then he acted out me running into that family while I load up on $50 worth of toasted pecans and toasted macadamia nuts.  "That ain't right." was how he ended the bit.

Del always makes us laugh.

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