Monday, August 12, 2013


Me: "Dooley do you want to go see a movie?"

Her: "Yes"

Me: "Elysium is showing at 8:20.  Let's go see that."

Her: "Great"

Me: "Are you excited?"

Her: "I know nothing about this movie, except that Matt Damon is in it- what more do I need to know?"

Dooley supports my crush on Matt Damon.
My future lover, Matt Damon, proves once again that he's the greatest, manliest, smartest actor of all times.  In his last movie he was playing an insecure gay drug addict from the 1970's and in this movie he's saving the world in 2150-ish.  Can you hand him another Oscar?
Jodie Foster's performance is equally exceptional.  She's scary in her power grab roll.  Jodie also looks amazing in this film.  Her legs are hot in that skirt; I'm a gay guy and I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs.  

Elysium sparks great conversation because it depicts a future of "haves" versus "have nots" in an extreme way, but those same buckets in a less extreme way are alive today.  For example, today, if you're born in the middle class of U.S.A. your life is going to be completely different than if you're born to a poor family in India, etc.  

Go see this film.

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