Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Saved My Husband Two Thousand Dollars

I saved my husband $2,000, and he didn't thank me.

Wisteria is having their annual "Back Door" sale (That's not a gay joke.  They really do call it Back Door sale) and of course I am attracted to a furniture sale like I'm attracted to cake.  (Mmm...cake.)

I entered Wisteria's back door and I discovered the last two round white and black marble tables which were original priced at $2,500 each on sale for $450 each.  The point, I suspect, of the Back Door sale is to liquidate stock in their Dallas warehouse.  Wisteria no longer carries this table in their catalog, which is why it's deeply discounted.  Clearly I was going to walk out of the back door with at least one table.  This table caught my eye years ago, but I couldn't afford $2,500 for one table. My internal debate was: "Should I buy both?"

I only bought one table.  I'm excited.  It elevates the space it occupies in our home.

Of course, it's all fun and games....until...my husband arrived home.  We went round and round and his arguments were a combination of "Why did I needed to buy a table to replace a table?" and "We didn't need another table." and "Spending money is not saving money." and "The table isn't worth $450- who would have ever paid $2,500 for this table?" and "Did I get a bonus at work recently?"

I couldn't find a logical thread in any of his arguments.

My argument was simple: This table is beautiful!  This table was a great buy, since with tax title and license it was $487.13!

Luckily for me and our home, all Back Door sales are final.  My husband cannot take it back even though he very much wants to.

In short, I saved my husband $2,000, and he didn't thank me.


  1. That is so beautiful! I am quite impressed at your discipline in not buying 2 of them, especially since you are famous for your sets of 2 beautiful things.
    Tell Kevo I can't even remember the table that used to be there and I will always remember this one. That's a valid, logical argument, isn't it?
    I just love that. Did you see some stuff I need to come look at?

  2. that is one of the funniest stories I've heard...and so many lessons in there too. i'll have to use some of those arguments on my better half! xxoo, chuck