Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dooley Weekend

Our daughter's namesake came calling this weekend, which was treat both physically (she brought pound cake and cookies) and mentally (we had great conversation).  Since day one of our friendship, earlier this century when she was a young undergrad, I always admired her ability to extract the most from her waking hours; she can fit ten pounds of potatoes into a five pound bag - no problem.  This weekend was no exception.  Friday night after she rolled into town, we immediately went out for dinner at Dish.   My scallops and fried artichoke hearts were delicious. The night ended in our living room with her and my husband sipping Disaronno on the rocks while I ate cake and cookies and we all talked.

On Saturday Dooley (with two legs) proved she is the most beloved because she had to make a lap through Dallas to see her other friends.   While she was away, I suffered through yoga because I had eaten pound cake for breakfast, which is clearly Dooley's (with no fur coat's) fault.  It's so good.

Dooley (without a pink diamond collar) finished her Dallas grand tour just in time for a family dinner in Fort Worth at Joe T's.

Another reason I enjoy her so much- she can handle herself in any situation.  My brother and father (it's what I love about those two) always make sure the newbie is welcomed to the dinner table with lots of jokes and harassment.  Our girly girl nieces were very happy to be around another pretty lady.  My father encouraged Dooley (without bat ears) to think about a career in baby sitting if her management consulting career doesn't work out.
Dooley (non-huntress) also brought Luna Lovegood the Shetland Sheepdog for the visit.  Luna is a looker.  Luna is not a love bug.  She snarled at Dooley (the huntress) during the group photo session of the weekend.
 This is a photo of Dooley (with four legs) getting up in Luna's grill after Luna snarled.  I think my baby girl was asking Luna if she'd like to repeat herself?
This is the closest we could get all three dogs for a group photo.  Luna was fused to the armrest.  Also, notice that Dooley (with the pink diamond collar) had to be a little bit in front of Trigger; she would not scoot back.

After dinner we went to the movies, and after the movies we finished the night off with my mom's homemade Grape Nut ice cream and Dooley's (with an MBA's) pound cake.

Sunday morning my popular friend had to leave before the clock hit double digits.  She was required to be back in Houston to help her mother's charity that benefits African orphans.

We made plans for me to come visit her in Houston and she'll take me to BHLDN and Biscuit and any other store that begins with the letter B.  I enjoy Dooley (both of them).


  1. This post is interesting and hilarious. I so enjoyed reading it and was grateful that it was longer than usual.
    More! more!

  2. It was such a special treat to spend time with you guys this weekend. Thank you so much for having me. You brighten my world.