Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I want to know... it wrong that I enjoy telling my husband about newly discovered highly priced pieces of furniture I adore only because I know it makes him a little bit nervous?

I am controlled by the limits my husband puts on my spending.  Sometimes I want him to sweat, because it reminds him of the enormous amount of self control I am continuously exerting for the benefit of our marriage and our future...

The first year of marriage I purchased a table and two chairs on my lunch hour.  The total cost was around $1,400.  I did not consult my husband prior to the purchase.  That causes a bit of marital drama.  Today we affectionately refer to the table as the "divorce table."  Ah, we can laugh today.  We weren't laughing in 2007.  I have a passion for art, furniture, and home accessories.  To help me be successful, my husband is the CFO of our household.  He controls our money.  He controls me!

This week I called my husband to tell him I needed to pay my Amex card, and I asked him if we had enough money in the checking account to cover the $1,200 bill.  I heard the slightest chuckle before he answered yes.  My next question: "how much money is in our checking account?"  My husband replied with "What?"  I've learned when my husband doesn't know how to answer me he pretends to not hear me.  I'm sure he was logging onto our checking account at that very "what?" moment and moving funds.  "We have enough to cover your bill."

My husband is gone a lot in pursuit of his MBA.  He doesn't have to worry about me cheating on him; with the exception of Matt Damon.  If the situation ever presents itself I can have a torrid love affair with the oh-so-manly Matt Damon; my husband has given me a hall pass for Matt Damon.   (Do you think Matt Damon has a hall pass from his wife to have an affair with an unknown gay guy?!)  My husband does have to worry about my spending.  At times I like to make him worry...

I saw this hand carved white marble coffee table at MeCox over the weekend.  The price?  $5,800.  In a store that also has a $10,000 coffee table that's not so insane.  In real life (even in a DINK household) that's an insane amount of money to spend for a piece of furniture.  This table is more art than furniture though.  The picture doesn't capture its beauty; it's beautiful to see in person.  Of course I am not an insane person (don't tell my husband), and I wouldn't spend that much money on furniture unless we were HNW individuals.  This coffee table would look spectacular in our home!

My point for this post is that marriage has improved me. I am more disciplined with my spending.  This spending example is just one example of how you can gain strength from your spouse.  I love being married to my husband.   He has made me a better individual.  

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