Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bad Husband Good Husband

After our 2006 wedding, I recall a conversation with my mother on the key to a successful marriage.  My parents are approaching 40 years of marriage, and her advice is always appreciated.  My mother told me that it is easy to coast in marriage.  She said it's easy to focus on children, careers, and other life events at the expense of your marriage.  Her advice was to never neglect the marriage.  You have to pay attention to the relationship at all times.

Fast forward to 2013 (last week) my husband is focused on his career, his MBA; I'm focused on my career.  Last week we only clocked 36 hours in the same city.  On Tuesday my husband called.  We chit chatted for a minute. I asked what he wanted to talk about?  He didn't have anything planed.  So I wanted to hang up the phone.  "Love you.  Talk to you later."

I was busy.  He didn't bring an agenda to the phone call.  I didn't have time for chit chat.

My husband rang a few minutes later and he called me out for coasting in our marriage.  My husband said I had checked out of the marriage as my mind was focused on my work.

I thought about it.

I agreed.

I'm glad he called to call me out.

We went on to have a great thirty minute conversation.  My mother predicted it.  It's shockingly easy to neglect a marriage when life gets busy.

I love my husband.

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