Sunday, February 17, 2013


I was channeling my inner Pioneer Woman this morning.  If only for one photo. I was planning on taking step by step photos me cooking our meatball lunch.  Here's the first photo.  It was also the last photo.  At least my husband, my husband's parents, and our beloved Del seemed to think they were delicious.

I was rolling my meatballs when my husband's parents called.  My husband informed them lunch was already in process and invited his parents to join us for an impromptu lunch at our house.  My husband's mother first asked: "do you have enough?" and then it occurred to her that I was in the kitchen.  She laughed and said they'd be here in a hour.  Yes, I wasn't rolling out 12 meatballs.  I was rolling out 52 meatballs.  I cook for a crowd, always.  It's just my cooking comfort zone.   

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