Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I guess Rick Perry is not the governor of all Texas citizens?  I guess he's just the governor of all straight (and narrow) Texas citizens?  Did you read about his speech to the Boy Scouts?  Governor Perry doesn't want gays in Boy Scouts.  The Governor's stance sends a negative message to the gay youth of Texas.  (Hey Perry: the children are always listening.)

How does this guy keep getting elected?

Of course he doesn't understand the necessary evolution of a relevant society.  Yes, Governor Perry, times are always changing.  Thankfully.  At one time in American history you could own another individual.  At one time in American history women didn't have the right to vote.  At one time in American history interracial marriage was illegal.

The times are changing.  Thankfully.

To the gay youth of Texas: ignore what this ignorant man is saying.  You are equal to (not less than) your straight friends.  I promise.

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