Monday, February 25, 2013

My Girls Get American Girls

This was the weekend that our nieces received birthday gifts from my husband and me.  It was a belated gift to Presley and an early gift to Paxten.  My husband was out of town, so my parents got lassoed into the American Girl adventure.  It was an adventure.  Have you been to that store?  Grab a girl and go to their store.

First, you must recognize that American Girl is a marketing machine.  It knows how to get you to happily purchase expensive dolls.  I want to buy a doll for myself after hanging out in the store.  (Not joking.)

Second, you must recognize that American Girl's mission is to encourage girls to be their best.  I like that mission.  It uses books, dolls, and movies to inspire little ladies.   If we can parlay an American Girl doll into my nieces reading American Girl books, then we're winning.  I think so.

My husband and I purchased the dolls.  My parents purchased the beds.  Presley and Paxten were very captivated by their American Girl loot.

It's fun being an uncle.

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