Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why can't we exchange gifts on Labor Day?

As you know, my husband is the CFO of our marriage. He comes from a long line of savers, and it's a win for the team if he keeps my spending in control. With my husband in charge of the purse strings we will be able to retire sooner, which is the goal. Over the course of our relationship and under his influence I've become a saver too.

However, some times I want to buy something but I don't want to get interrogated when my husband discovers the purchase: "How much did that cost? Do we really need that? Can you take it back?" Last Easter I saw this hand blown glass vase at Crate & Barrel and since we were hosting Easter lunch I bought it, had it wrapped, and then hid it in the closest. On Easter morning I surprised him with this gift from Crate & Barrel. As soon as he opened it he rolled his eyes, and so I snatched it from his hands and put it on the table. Any time he harassed me about (allegedly) buying something for myself, calling it a gift for him, and giving it to him on a holiday where we don't give gifts, I would just ask what he bought me for Easter?

Fast forward to last week when we were in Crate & Barrel and I was honing in on a few items that I needed, and all the sudden my husband looked at me and said: "we do not exchange gifts on Labor Day." He made me look him in the eyes and agree that we weren't going to exchange gifts on Labor Day.

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  1. Good story. He needs you though. You make the place where he lives and works a nicer place to be. I think you should exchange Labor Day gifts. =)