Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No. 4

And then there was FOUR! My husband's parents surprised me with an Eames Molded Plastic Chair for my birthday, and the fourth chair addition makes our breakfast nook look legitimate. As a coming out party for our table and chairs we've invited our friends Katie and Jay over for brunch on Sunday. (I won't tell them I'm secretly celebrating that I can fit two couples in four matching chairs, because that would be weird- right?)

And I just realized this photo contains both of our 30th gifts to each other; when I turned thirty my husband gave to me the beautiful round black granite table that is the center piece of this room, and when he turned thirty I had to give him the white erase board on wheels that I'm always trying to hide. Unfortunately, I've become desensitized to its presence in our home, which is why it wasn't wheeled out of the way for this photo.

1 comment:

  1. The room is beautiful.

    I agree - the room would have been able to show off its beauty even moreso if your sea-blue, satin-finished wall would have been visible; unfortunately, there is a dry-erase board in front of it.

    (We like to kid your hubby; especially when there is an element of truth to the kidding.)