Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Rule

On Saturday we drove to the outskirts of Fort Worth where our friends Jennifer and William and their 14-month-old daughter live in an impressive house, which sits on top of five acres. We brought Pappasito's fajitas and they provided the margaritas and homemade fresh strawberry ice cream.

After they put the baby to bed we started playing games, and one game was Battle of the Sexes. It's a simple game that promotes stereotypes: the guys are asked questions most girls would know how to answer, and the girls are asked questions most guys would know how to answer. If you correctly answer a question you get to move your man or woman forward on the board.

My husband and William played on the guys team, and Jennifer and I played on the girls team. (Of course they did not stand a chance to win.) Jennifer and I came from behind to win the game. The momentum shifted when Jennifer knew "Chop Shop" was on Discovery and "Pimp My Ride" was on MTV, and I knew that the commissioner of baseball was Bud Selig.

1 comment:

  1. For the record...the girl's team was aided by an extremely liberal interpretation of correct answers by the chivalrous men's team.

    We had a great time! Always a joy to see yall!