Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fiberglass Insulation

With the dual purpose of saving money and saving the earth the husband and I are adding more insulation to our attic. We were most recently motivated by the fact that Jennifer and William's 2009 house is almost twice the size of our 1980 house, but their monthly electric bill is half as much as our electric bill. They invested in an energy efficient designed house, and the results are significant.

Right now we have a range of R-10 to R-15 in our attic, and after our new insulation is installed we will have a minimum of R-48 in our attic. (Note: I have no idea what those numbers mean, but I know that 48 is almost five times greater than 10, and the bigger the number the better. ) Our hetero friend owns a roofing/solar panel/insulation company and he is giving us a good deal; he sent my husband a text saying he'd give us his best priced blow job. The husband and I had a conversation like this:

Me: "Hey Honey, what type of insulation is he adding?"
Honey: "He's going to blow in fiberglass."
Me: "Fiberglass! I don't want fiberglass- it's itchy. I want cellulose."
Honey: *silent* (Looking at me like I'm ridiculous.)
Me: "What?"
Honey: "In the two years we've lived in this house, how many times have you been in the attic?"
Me: *silent*

I haven't ever been in the attic of this house. (My husband cannot say the same thing.)

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