Monday, September 2, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Yes, my husband and I were part of the mass standing in line to purchase Sprinkles Ice Cream.  It was us with all the hipsters, the Highland Park families, and high school kids waiting our turn to purchase cake and ice cream.

The girl behind the counter was young, beautiful, and had amazing grey eyes.  She was working at Sprinkles Ice Cream, which means she must be smart too.  After all, she's getting paid to hand out cake and ice cream!  I wanted to order some of her eggs with our ice cream.  I would be proud to tell our future children how we picked our egg donor.  I didn't though.

In reality I ordered a Sprinkles Sundae (a scoop of ice cream in between a cupcake) with a strawberry cupcake and vanilla ice cream.  My husband ordered a Sprinkles Sundae with a vanilla cupcake and vanilla ice cream.  My smokey blue eyed egg donor regretted to inform me that she just sold out of strawberry cupcakes for the day.  I had stood in line for half an hour dreaming of my strawberry/vanilla sundae, but I didn't dream up a back up plan.  (Note the life lesson in that moment.)  What?  No more strawberry cupcakes?  I felt pressure to order quickly...the line was I just copied my husband's vanilla/vanilla order.  I'm quick wit and creative.  Clearly.

The Sprinkles Sundae was a treat.  My mother makes the best ice cream, and she knows how I like her to be heavy handed when she's pouring the vanilla into her batches of ice cream.  Sprinkles vanilla ice cream is a bit tame for my taste buds.  It's just a sweet cream with vanilla bean type of ice cream.

Of course, we will be back.  I want to try all the flavors of ice cream with my cupcake.  Sprinkles does make the best cupcakes.  Such deliciousness.

It was a fun outing.

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