Tuesday, September 10, 2013


In Buenos Aires, Argentina football (soccer) is a religion.  On Sunday night, our first night in town we went to a soccer game.  It was 90 minutes of 60,000 fans chanting as one. It was spectacular to be in the chanting mass of humanity.  There weren't any luxury boxes or commercial breaks. For 90 minutes there weren't rich or poor we were all fans.  We were one.  The teams play two 45 minute halves with one 30 minute break.  And since passions run so high, security was extremely high.  Everyone was extensively patted down by police officers before entering the stadium.  The armed police officer felt up into my groining.  (Well, hello there officer...what a nice welcome.)  And the opposing team is caged in, for their protection, see the picture below.
The local Buenos Aires team won, they scored three goals in the second half.  It was a victorious night for us all.  I love this part of the world.  

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