Sunday, September 15, 2013

Roger Mantegani

In my solitary Argentina days I visited at least twelve art galleries, because I have a passion for art.  (If only I had the bank account to support my passion!)  When away from home I like to hunt for the local artists that catch my attention.  At Espacio Arroyo Galería de Arte I discovered Roger Mantegani, and his works thrilled me the most by a factor of one hundred.  His skill at the hyperrealism is divine.  I'm lost in his works.  These photos do not capture the magic, but they remind me of what it felt like to see his work in person.
And the Gallery told me that Mantegani is gay and for this series he is only painting with his boyfriend as the model, which is why you start to see the same man in his works.  How romantic is that?  If I was an artist, then I'd only paint portraits with my husband too!!

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