Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aunt Kathy

While my husband was out of town last week my husband's aunt and my husband's mother stayed with me a couple of nights.  They wanted to be close to the hospital where my husband's uncle was getting his back drilled and stretched and repaired.

The dynamic between my husband's mother and her sister Kathy (my husband's aunt) is one that brings me much joy.  They are always laughing and singing and celebrating and enjoying each moment.

On the first night I offered to help Aunt Kathy unload her car.  She had a long day at the hospital, and I knew she needed a bed to rest her beautiful head.

Ten minutes into by "let me help you unload your car" offer I felt like a porter to a movie star circa 1920.  It was as if Aunt Kathy was boarding a ship to travel the Atlantic for her grand tour of Europe.  She was staying with us for a couple of nights and she had more luggage than Louis Vuitton.  I didn't say anything.  I just unloaded her car with wide eyes of amusement and sore biceps.  I didn't want to be rude.

However the next day, I made sure to send a few text messages to my husband's mother: "Did you see all the luggage your sister brought for two days?!"  My husband's mother shared the text with her sister and we had a big laugh.

For now, and ever more, Aunt Kathy will be known as "The Starlet," since she travels like one.  

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