Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Argentina Woman

A 99 pound Argentina woman worked me over good.

(I bet you didn't expect to read that sentence on this blog!)

Specifically, the Argentina woman was a legitimate massage therapist and she rubbed and poked and squeezed my back, shoulders, head, legs and feet.  At one point she was straddling me on the massage table trying to work out my lower back - using all 99 pounds.  At another point she was standing on the table bent over with her hands on my back.  I thought she was about to do a headstand on top of me.  She found a knot in my shoulder and she wouldn't stop until it was gone.  She thought my feet were cold and she rubbed them to sweaty life.

I've signed up for another massage, of course.  Hooray for Argentina Women!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds nice, but I think another horseback ride would be more therapeutic. BUT NEITHER COMPARES to a SPRINGSTEEN CONCERT!!!!