Sunday, March 17, 2013

Peaceful Moment

Dooley is pleased Del purchased a second pillow.  She found a nice quiet place to nap next to my husband.

We had a glorious Sunday.  My parents hosted a belated birthday lunch in honor of my husband.  My father cooked his speciality, sweet and sour chicken, and my mother made her famous home made ice cream for dessert.  My grandfather and Aunt Charlotte joined us.   The meal was delicious and the weather was beautiful.

After lunch my parents and my husband and I drove out to my parents' land.  It was so peaceful.  Early spring days in Texas are the best.  It was cool and sunny.   We only stayed a moment, because we had to get back to Dallas to get ready for the beastly week that awaits.  But we enjoyed the peaceful moment together.

As our nephew Owen would say: "This is fun; lock this in your brain!"

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