Monday, March 25, 2013


"That’s what’s truly remarkable about this juncture: the aura of inevitability that hovers over it. In an astonishingly brief period of time, this country has experienced a seismic shift in opinion — a profound social and political revolution — when it comes to gay and lesbian people. And it’s worth pausing, on the cusp of the court hearings, to take note of this change and to mull what’s behind it."

- Frank Bruni (The New York Times)

This is a real photo from our wedding in Austin, Texas on May 13, 2006.  We were surrounded by a very sacred group of family and friends- 120 beloved individuals; in 2006 it felt like we were making the boldest of moves by having a wedding with two grooms and no bride.  We had an open bar before the wedding in hopes of relaxing the crowd.  It really was the first for almost all in attendance.  Our wedding was magical, because our guests were making a statement too.  They were creating a force field of protection with their presence; for those six hours it didn't matter what the world said about homosexuals...for those six hours only joy, appreciation, and love existed in our world.  Today, almost seven years later, the world has changed for the better.   It amazes me.

The New York Times article where I pulled the above QOTD points out the speed at which the country has shifted from anti-gay rights to pro-gay rights.  It gives me great hope that someday soon our country will recognize the commitment my husband and I made to each other almost seven years ago.

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