Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On Sunday afternoon my husband and I went to lunch with his parents and then we went to watch the final performance of the Uptown Players' production of Del Shores' Yellow.  As I've stated previously, Yellow makes for great theater.  The show stays with you.  My husband and I have talked about "what if" some plot aspects of the show happened to us in real life.  I hope Yellow comes to a city near year.  You must go see this show.

While we were at the theater we ran into my aunt Charlotte and my grandmother's best friend Mary Nella.  It was a treasured encounter.  Any time I'm around my grandmother's friends I think of her.  "What if" my grandmother hadn't had breast cancer?  Would she had attended this show with Charlotte and Mary Nella?  Nonetheless,  it was enjoyable to spend time with my husband, his parents, my aunt and my grandmother's BFF.

It's important to appreciate what we do have, right?  We have each other.  We're all still here.  I appreciate that!

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  1. Yes! I treasure each day! I treasure my sweet family! That love will go on & on & on...