Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bad Dog

When my husband is gone Trigger gets to sleep in the bed with me.  (My husband has been gone a lot lately.)   Recently Dooley has decided that she wants to get in bed with us too.

For the second time someone peed in the bed right before bedtime.  This second time, unlike the first time, I can confirm that Trigger is the one marking our bed with his teetee.  WHY?! It's not like he emptied his bladder, it was just  a mark on our bed.  (Trigger, this is not your bed.  You can't mark it.  It's your daddies bed.  It's ours.  Not yours.  Repeat: ours/not yours!)

I can only project that Trigger is not happy with Dooley's addition.    I don't really know.  I do know that washing duvets and mattress pads is a lot of work.


  1. Sorry for the extra work on you, but that's pretty funny! If Trigger had never done that before Dooley started getting up there, then I think your projection has a 99% chance of being right. Dogs are so funny. It's like Blue's constant staring at Annie as Annie eats her bone long after Blue has finished hers. Blue hopes that Annie will not eat all of it or that Annie will drop some.... and Blue will dart in and get it and run off from big bad Annie!

  2. PS - Trigger looks guilty in both pictures. Maybe he thinks if he doesn't look at you, he can't hear you scold him or tell him to get down.