Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paxten is Three (Already?)

Our youngest niece is turning three years old later this week.  Unfortunately, for me, I had to work through Paxten's birthday party this weekend.  I missed watching her have fun with her friends.  (Paxten, your uncles love you so very much, and we're sorry we didn't get to attend.)

I recently learned that Paxten was overheard correctly using the word: "Dammit."  Her remote control car was stuck and she couldn't get it unstuck after many determined attempts.  As a result, my almost three year old niece threw the remote and yelled "Dammit."

How do you not laugh in this situation?  I think it's impossible to be a responsible parent at times, but my brother and his wife always seem to be able to parent during the laughable moments too.

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