Monday, March 18, 2013

Least-Gay Gay Guy

"That's the least-gay gay guy I've ever met" is what one person recently said about my husband after meeting him for the first time.

I accept statements in the spirit in which they are given, and this guy was intending to make a joke and perhaps even compliment my husband.  I will admit it was an amusing statement.

However, when you're gay being told you're not very gay is incorrect and impolite.  Right?  What  this person is really saying is that my husband is not a stereotypical gay guy.   What this person is really saying is that my husband didn't fit into this person's idea of what it means to be gay.  I say it on this blog all the time: gay men aren't only Speedo wearing go-go boys or super rich power couples.  Some gay men live quiet lives in a more familiar zone of work, mortgage payments, and family dinners.

I love my gay husband...and I hope to one day have the right to legally marry him.

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