Friday, September 14, 2012


Dear President George W. Bush,

Sigh.  Again?  Really?  I know your Presidential library is in Dallas.  I live in Dallas.  But no self respecting homosexual would give you money.  Remember when you wanted to pass an anti-gay amendment to the United States Constitution?  I remember.  I will not forget how it made me feel when the President was anti-gay.  You cannot have any of my money, ever.  Stop sending me this junk mail.



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  1. I bet it has a postage-paid envelope. Here's what you can do - Put as many sheets of paper as you can in there to make it as heavy as you can. Then mail it. It costs them the postage which is obviously not much money, but it costs them something, it's the principle. .... And they usually won't ask for a donation again. You could also put your open letter in the envelope. Just a staff worker would see it, but still......