Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank Ocean

Did you watch SNL this weekend?  I found Seth MacFarlane to be charming always and funny often.  It was a good show.  The puppet sketch had me laughing the loudest.  However, the biggest moment in the show, for me, was when Frank Ocean performed.  My husband told me he was an out gay hip-hop artists.  WHAT?  How did I miss his coming out this past July?  I count it as an achievement that I lived long enough to see an out gay hip hop artist perform.  Thank you Frank Ocean for having the courage to live your truth.  Of course, he's a youngster at 24 years old, which gives me hope for the future since the youngsters don't have a problem with homosexuality the way many of the ancient individuals still living in our society do.

I'm an out gay individual working in the consulting industry.  My husband is an out gay professional working in corporate America and getting his MBA.  Frank Ocean is an out gay artist working his craft on SNL's stage.  No matter your place in this world, if you're gay, then it's empowering to be out.  Be courageous.  Be proud.  Be out.  You only have one life to live, which means you have to make it count.  Go for it.  Full speed ahead!  Onwards and Upwards!

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