Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Credo?

At a Sunday night dinner over a seared Ahi tuna burger, a BBQ chicken salad (without black beans) and a heap of shared cheddar cheese fries my husband and I asked each other the simple question: "What are we doing?"  My husband is 4 months in on a 24 month executive MBA program in addition to his full time career in corporate America.  I'm a financial consultant.  Both of our careers require travel, and last week we clocked 36 hours together in the same city.  (Devastating to us both.)

We've decided that we need to write a family credo.  We need to make sure we're living life with a shared purpose.  Do we both want champion careers?  Is our goal to retire by the time we're 55?  Who's going to tap the brake on their career to make room for babies?  Can we sleep in the same city 24/7/365?

I like it when we check-in with our life.  We're trying to align our efforts with our goals.  We live a charmed life, but we both want to see each other more!  To date, we've both been very career driven.  Is that what we still want?  For now, yes.

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