Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cast Iron Urns

My husband says I'm getting creative with my stuff since I cannot shop.  It's true that I'm less engaged with my stores, since I know I can't make a purchase.  I've learned that shopping is just a habit.

My husband's mother gave me these cast iron urns for Christmas many years ago, but I've never found a favorite place to display them in our current house.  They were spectacular in the front yard of our first home.  This weekend I cleaned them up and brought them inside.  Currently, they are flanking our sunken bathtub in the master bathroom.  I love the cast iron with rust and the "found object" energy they bring to our squeaky clean bathroom.

I think white orchids would look nice in them, but I can only keep orchids alive for a weekend; and I enjoy their emptiness too.

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