Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Boy Can Marry A Boy

Presley is four years old.  This weekend she saw a picture of my husband and me at our 2006 wedding and the following conversation took place.

Presley: "Is that a picture of your wedding?"
Me: "Yes"
Presley: "My friends at school don't believe me when I say a boy can marry a boy and a girl can marry a girl."
Me: "Well, they don't have two uncles like you do.  They might not know."
Presley: "A boy can marry a girl or a boy can marry a boy."
Me: "Yes, you can marry whomever you wish."
Presley: "I want to marry daddy."

This was not the first time I've heard my four year old niece say she wanted to grow up and marry her daddy (my brother) but it melts my heart every single time.  It's so sweet.  In Presley's eyes her father is the perfect man.  I'm so proud of my brother's parenting ability; he's the best dad.  Being "the best dad" is a skill that runs in our family!


  1. From the mouths of babes, right?!

  2. What a sweet story! And I certainly agree.... The Extraordinary Dad gene seems to be dominant in our family!

  3. What a heart warming story! And I agree....the Extraordinary Dad gene certainly seems dominant in your family.

  4. Love it, love her, love you, love her dad, her mom, Kevo, my dad, my sis, your dad.... We are such a lucky fam.
    That's so sweet, all of it.