Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snug As a Bug...

Here's a photo of Dooley sleeping on a blanket.  She is such a beautiful little princess.  We took the dogs to get their nails did at Petsmart this weekend, and the dog beauticians go crazy for Dooley.  A nice young gay guy trimmed up her nails, cleaned her ears, and sprayed her coat with sweet smelling stuff.  She was a perfect client.

Trigger, on the other hand, acts like a captured beast when he gets his nails did.  It takes at least two of the Petsmart dog beauticians to get the job done.   It stresses me out to watch.  Trigger doesn't bite or bark, but I think it would be easier to trim the nails of a wild honey badger.  He fights when anyone touches his nails.  He is not a perfect client.

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